Northern cape gambling act 3 of 2008

Northern cape gambling act 3 of 2008 casinos online no deposit bonus

Acquisition of interest by disqualified person

Compliance with certain laws a. Restriction of betting through agent of Board 5. Restriction of betting through agent. Description of the Timeline event. Restrictions on granting credit to. Unlicensed use of premises unlawful. Unlicensed gamblkng activities unlawful. Restrictions on advertising and promotion. Compliance with certain laws a. Standards for gambling devices.

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In terms of Section 28(1)(a)(ii) of the Northern Cape Gambling Act, Act 3 of , (PTY) LTD t/a Rainbow Bets in the Northern Cape Province. PROVINCE OF THE NORTHERN CAPE Northern Cape Gambling Act (3/): Application for consent to hold an interest contemplated in section 38 of. Northern Cape Gambling Act (3/): Various Applications. NORTHERN CAPE GAMBLING BOARD. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN OF A.